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Dr. Kristy Hamilton LUXE BEAUTY

RevitaLash Advanced Pro Conditioner

RevitaLash Advanced Pro Conditioner

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Physician-developed, professional lash-enhancing formula improves the beauty and visible condition of lashes. Scientifically advanced, exclusive technology revives brittle, damaged lashes to improve flexibility, strength and shine for healthy, luxurious, lush lashes.

An exclusive professional lash serum formula is developed by an ophthalmologist to renew and rejuvenate lashes, improving their overall condition for a healthier, more dramatic appearance.


  • ReGenesis® 5D: Peptides, lipids, and fortifying factors work synergistically to nourish and improve the quality of hair, renewing lashes and defending against breakage and brittleness.


  • Clover Flower Extract: An antioxidant rich in biochanin A to help protect lashes from free radical damage.

  • Soothing Plant Extracts: Help to maintain moisture balance, improving the overall condition of lashes for a healthier appearance.

  • Calendula: A natural humectant that helps lashes retain moisture for improved flexibility.

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