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Silagen Silicone Strips (Clear)

Silagen Silicone Strips (Clear)

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Silagen is a clinically-proven, effective scar refinement system for treating all types of scars, including surgical scars.

Silagen Silicone Strips (Clear) consist of 100% medical-grade silicone gel sheeting — with a soft and silky feel. This product flattens and softens raised or thick scars, cushions and protects new or sensitive scars, and reduces redness and itching — beautifully refining and improving the appearance and texture of scars. 

These clear, reusable gel strips are pre-cut into 1” x 6” shapes, which can then be cut to size — ideal for linear scars. Simple care instructions enable the strips to last for up to 3 months, as they work to provide effective treatment for scar refinement and optimization. 


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